Simplify Your Thoughts

Simplifying my life has been more than just getting rid of stuff or pursuing a low waste lifestyle. A major criteria of simplicity is simplifying my thoughts.

I make sure that I fill myself with truth and positive thoughts. This allows me to reject “waste”; negativity, anxiety, and stress. I want my mind to be zero waste as well!!

It seems like recently I’ve been surrounded by negativity; hateful gossip, feeling taken advantage of, and even an individual trying to steal my ideas and making it seem like it was their idea all along. All of this can chip at you and bring you down. I had to decide to choose positivity and meditate on scriptures each time that I felt an attack. I decided to also stay off social media in the evenings and even have been undergoing major detox, starting by eliminating sugar. The more I fill my mind with negativity, the more negative I will be. But the more I fill myself with positivity, the more peaceful I will be as negativity will not have any room!

💛 Renee

Quiet Spirit

It’s taken many years of walking and obeying the Lord, yoga, meditation, prayer, and simplifying every aspect of my life to truly embrace my inner self and achieving a quiet spirit. In fact, I still am a work in progress, but I have come a long way!

While this does please God, I believe that He wants us to achieve this for ourselves and for those around us.

Why hold onto anger, anxiety, stress, and worry when we can achieve peace of mind and help those around us?

Even in the tangible sense, why hold onto clutter when we can live in peace and simplicity and free ourselves from maintaining and drowning in stuff?!

Make an effort to simplify every aspect of your life. You can start small with cleaning out that junk drawer and eliminating social media at night. Every small effort will make a difference in your overall health so that you can be your best and help others!

💛 Renee


Before you blurt out your opinion, purchase that item, make that decision…


Does your opinion help others or hurt others? Do you really need that item? Did you carefully ponder your decision?

Pausing prevents us from impulsive decisions. Pausing can even promote peace. Be mindful in all of your decisions!


Crystals are a Girl’s Best Friend


While I was growing up, I was taught that crystals were “demonic” or “satanic” because people who had them were worshiping them (and Satan).  While there truly are people out there who really do those things, this belief is simply an ignorant assumption.

As someone who is mesmerized by science and nature, I have a special place in my heart for crystals and geodes.  In fact, despite my simplified (and somewhat minimalist) lifestyle, I do not feel like I can ever have too many of them!  At first, I could not help but wonder if my crystal collection and my love for Christ would be a controversy, but now I really don’t care.

I do not worship my crystals.  Do I believe that they can heal?  Yes, I believe they do to an extent.  I cannot deny the sudden burst of bliss I feel when I hold an ocean jasper or how calm I feel with an amethyst cluster present.  But I believe that their healing properties are equivalent to the calmness you experience when smelling a flower or are in a candlelit room. Meaning, I don’t believe that they can heal someone from cancer or other diseases!

All of my crystals are very special to me and have their unique use.  I always keep an amethyst cluster and black tourmaline on my nightstand.  Their presence is very calming, soothing, and reminds me to release all negativity before I go to sleep.  While attending college, I kept a sodalite and clear quartz near me to help me focus and comprehend each lesson.  These precious gems have been a source of comfort for me in various ways.  And let’s be real here, they are absolutely beautiful to look at!!

Crystals and geodes are a part of God’s beautiful creation.  These are special gems for us to enjoy!  This is why I have no shame to say that I am a Christ-follower and I collect (and hoard) crystals.


Sunday Scripture

Numbers 6 24

This scripture is one of the most simple yet heartfelt prayers that we can offer others.  We often hear others say that they “found God” or they “lost God” but in reality, God has always had us and kept us.  No matter what happens to us in life, no matter how much we resist the Lord, he will never let us go.

So to all upon this beautiful earth, May the Lord bless you and keep you.  Let’s make 2018 a beautiful year!

♥ Renée