French Market Bag

Typically, I pretty much have self control when it comes to shopping. I only buy what I need. That was until I spotted this beautiful cotton yarn by Yarnbee at Hobby Lobby. I fell for the “I will make something with this” excuse to justify my purchase!

Well, it wasn’t really a bad excuse! Recently, I’ve fallen in love with low waste living. This movement to be creative with the intention of saving our beautiful planet is incredible. When I think about how my careless actions can destroy the homes of our wildlife gives me discernment. I believe the Holy Spirit has been dealing with me on reducing wasteful living and use my creativity to support the cause of zero waste living!

So, I decided to use this beautiful yarn to crochet a colorful French Market bag. The colors are so much fun!

I hope to make many of these available for sale in the future! This bag was very therapeutic to make and watching the colors transition was actually exciting!

💛 Renee


Lavender (Lavandula) everything is my favorite. I’m seriously obsessed!

It has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, and antidepressant properties. Besides all of that, I love the look, scent, and taste of lavender!

Lavender tea is my go-to for a stressful moment or simply to wind down at the end of the day.

I love dried lavender to make sachets such as the one below. I keep one at my nightstand or sometimes underneath my pillow to promote peace and protection!

I started to grow some lavender on my windowsill this past April. As a “baby” herbalist, I’m starting to have doubts that I’m doing something incorrectly because this is all I have?!

Either way, I intend to work with Lavender for many years to come and in a variety of ways. For essential oil, I actually use it as a natural perfume. It’s such a beautiful and calming scent!

In what ways do you use lavender?


Flowers Are Not A Waste

Not too long ago, my wonderful husband surprised me with this large bouquet of flowers for my birthday:

Often I hear people say “I don’t like to get flowers because they die so quickly and are a waste of money”. 

Well, I would have to boldly disagree! I had made it a point to prove this mindset wrong. I started by dying out some of the flowers:

I made some decor such as a small mobile, a wreath, and a dried floral setting. I even separated some of the flowers so that I can have smaller floral arrangements throughout my home. The fragrance was incredible!

Flowers are never a worthless! They are calming to the soul and keep giving. There are so many other items that you can create with flowers! I’d much rather have dried flowers as my choice of decor over purchasing faux flowers. There’s always a story behind each dried flower, such as a first date, an anniversary, a birthday, or even an “I’m sorry”.  This makes the floral decor have much more meaning! Think about this the next time you receive them.




Each and every one of us are given seeds by God.  These seeds represent gifts, talent, and uniqueness of oneself.  It’s our job to nurture them and do what we can to help them flourish.


But often, we look at others and become threatened.  We become jealous of their successes, talents, education, looks, and possessions.  Then we begin to compare and compete with them.

This is when we begin to wither and die inside. We take our eyes off of our blessings and growing our gifts and talents as we chase those of others.  A high probability is that we fail to achieve the same results.  This is because they nurtured their seeds and embraced who they are and their gifts.  What they have is usually not meant for us because God has created us to be unique to fulfill his purpose!!


If you had spent so much time chasing the blessings of others instead of yours, it’s never to late to plant and grow those seeds!  Do so with gratitude and faith.  Place your trust in the Lord and enjoy this beautiful journey that you are on!


PNW Adventures 

I have been silent recently because I was blessed to go on an Alaskan Cruise a couple of weeks ago! 

This definitely was a trip of a lifetime because Josh and I are so used to our brown desert and for the first time we explored the beautiful rain forest and glaciers!

Glacier Bay National Park was breathtaking! I also learn that people who suffer from respiratory problems do not need their inhalers while they are here because the air is so pure. I made sure to take some deep breaths and savor each one. It was very meditative!

There were moments at sea where I felt God speaking to me. For one, he woke me up in the middle of the night to look outside. To my amazement, it was the full moon in clear view! This was so rare because the skies were overcast for nearly the whole trip! This was such a magical moment for me. I could not stop thanking the Lord for such an opportunity to explore his beautiful earth.