Lavender (Lavandula) everything is my favorite. I’m seriously obsessed!

It has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, and antidepressant properties. Besides all of that, I love the look, scent, and taste of lavender!

Lavender tea is my go-to for a stressful moment or simply to wind down at the end of the day.

I love dried lavender to make sachets such as the one below. I keep one at my nightstand or sometimes underneath my pillow to promote peace and protection!

I started to grow some lavender on my windowsill this past April. As a “baby” herbalist, I’m starting to have doubts that I’m doing something incorrectly because this is all I have?!

Either way, I intend to work with Lavender for many years to come and in a variety of ways. For essential oil, I actually use it as a natural perfume. It’s such a beautiful and calming scent!

In what ways do you use lavender?


Orange Love

Oranges do more than just boost our Vitamin C levels and support our immune system.

For me, personally, the scent of oranges makes me feel cheerful. That’s not such a odd concept because the scent actually does help people who are in a bad mood or even suffers from mood swings. For this reason, I enjoy drinking orange-based teas.

Add some drops of orange essential oil to your homemade all-purpose cleaner. Doesn’t the fragrance of oranges smell better than the intense vinegar?!

Orange essential oil also helps to calm you. After a rough day at work, mix orange essential oil along with lavender essential oil for a calming bedtime aromatherapy!


Magical Mint

Mint (Mentha) is such a wonderful plant. The fragrance alone is sensational! It’s also pretty incredible that there are about 18 different species.

My mother had taught me that mint (or in Spanish, Menta) was used as an old Mexican remedy for upset stomach. She has alway maintained a mint plant for this very reason. She simply uses the leaves for an herbal tea.

Today, I personally use mint for the same reason as well. I also specifically use peppermint (Mentha Piperita) essential oil for mental alertness. I keep the bottle in my shower and inhale the scent to rid me of that early morning grogginess. In addition, I notice that the minty fragrance induces an optimistic attitude. This has inspired me to sprinkle the leaves that I prune from my plant onto my alter. This is to help promote positivity and those wilted leaves retain their minty scent!

There are many other uses for Mint. It is known to aid asthma, congestion, aches, pains, inflammation, bug bites, and to induce sweating in fever. Apparently, Mint has also been known to prevent colon, skin, and lung cancer.

Maybe you are not into gardening, but try experimenting with Mint teas or essential oils to see how it benefits you!



Frankincense (Olibanum)

As a Christ-follower, I immediately think of the story of baby Jesus and how one of the three wise men brought Frankincense to him as a gift.  However, the Bible makes several references to Frankincense in both the Old and New Testament such as:

Exodus 30:34-38

Leviticus 24:7

Song of Solomon 4:14

Numbers 5:15

Revelation 18:11-13

Frankincense was a major component in sacred rituals and medicine. It was also used as a spice and perfume. 

This ancient ingredient does not have to remain in the past. Frankincense is still a part of holistic medicine today!

It can improve skin conditions such as acne and dark spots.

Dabbing some of the essential oil on your wrist can improve your mood and focus. Do this before your quiet time with God!

It can help with minor wounds.

Add a couple drops of it to your tea to improve respiratory and digestive health.

Consider adding some of the resins to your sacred space to help balance your mood and keep you grounded.

Working with Frankincense myself has been an enlightening experience. There’s something about connecting with the past, especially in a spiritual sense, that enriches the present!