Sally Skellington

Crocheting Sally was quite the challenge! I had to determine what to add and leave out so that she wouldn’t look too overwhelming!

Nevertheless, the journey was so much fun! If anything, I was horrified about how I was going to make her dress because if I patched up all the pieces manually, it would have been overwhelming and not sure if I’d do a decent job. Instead I sewed her dress with felt and drew everything else with a Sharpie and some highlighters!!!

I’m so happy with the results! Today she goes to her new home with Jack Skellington!


Jack Skellington

I had just completed my second order of the year for Jack Skellington!

This is my new and improved version of him because I decided to make him taller than the last one I made this past summer. This actually made him look more like the real Jack Skellington!

While I was working on him, I couldn’t help but want to create an ornament of Jack’s head. So I went for it and it was a quick and easy project!

I’m such a great fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas, so I had so much fun with these projects!

Stay tuned as I am currently working on Sally!!


Happy Easter!

It seems like there has been an emphasis on gods and goddesses recently. The variety in deity have been becoming trendy! But despite all of this, I still only (and always will) choose Jesus Christ.

Why? Because he is the only one that loved us so much that he was willing to die a brutal death. To top this off, he didn’t just die a martyr’s death. He was resurrected! Whom can compare to this?

Recently I have been pretty busy and I didn’t get the chance to make any Easter decorations for myself. So I came up with a simple and quick craft that anyone can do. It’s a cross made out of twigs!

You literally can get the necessary items outside your home. I hot-glued the sticks together. I also had some leather cord laying around, so I used that to bind the sticks together more securely. You can use whatever else you may already have, such as yarn!

There’s a beautiful fern that’s growing in my restroom. I took a bit of a branch to give the cross a simple embellishment. What would you do to add your own touch to it?

This quick DIY has a profound statement! One of the things that I love about it is that this can be displayed year-round. What Jesus did for us is very significant to our everyday lives!

Have a blessed day!