Berry Happy Mug

It’s my last week at my current job. It was my goal to crochet a happy mug for all of my coworkers, however, my time is cut short and I won’t be able to reach my goal!

I decided to at least make one more!

The colors feel nostalgic to me. It makes me think of blue raspberry, raspberry, and strawberry gummies that I used to have as a child. I also think about the blue raspberry chapsticks I used to wear! Funny how this flavor doesn’t seem to exist anymore!


Sleepy Totoro

I’m secretly such a huge fan of Totoro. I cannot help it because he’s so cute!

So when I learned that a dear friend and coworker was a fan, I knew that I had to make one for her!

This little guy was slightly inspired by Easter eggs as Easter is near:

I couldn’t believe that this only took a couple of hours to make. I also can help but wonder if he’s actually meditating instead of sleeping!

💛 Renee

French Market Bag

Typically, I pretty much have self control when it comes to shopping. I only buy what I need. That was until I spotted this beautiful cotton yarn by Yarnbee at Hobby Lobby. I fell for the “I will make something with this” excuse to justify my purchase!

Well, it wasn’t really a bad excuse! Recently, I’ve fallen in love with low waste living. This movement to be creative with the intention of saving our beautiful planet is incredible. When I think about how my careless actions can destroy the homes of our wildlife gives me discernment. I believe the Holy Spirit has been dealing with me on reducing wasteful living and use my creativity to support the cause of zero waste living!

So, I decided to use this beautiful yarn to crochet a colorful French Market bag. The colors are so much fun!

I hope to make many of these available for sale in the future! This bag was very therapeutic to make and watching the colors transition was actually exciting!

💛 Renee

Mimi Bean

My very best friend besides my husband is my “dog-ter”, Mimi!

My husband prompted me with a brilliant request; crochet an amigurumi Mimi!

The process was so tedious and messy!

But the results were worth it!

Her stance looks funny, but that’s because that is really how she sits! She often sits on one side of her hip and stretches out the other leg. I have always found this posture to be so cute!

I’m so grateful to be able to capture a moment of this little stinker using yarn! 🧶

💛 Renee

Green Love

Oh my goodness, it’s March! I become excited every time it’s March because it means that Spring is near.

The past couple of weeks I had a project that involves green yarn. This gave me green fever! I used to be obsessed with green when I was a teenager. This color was my wardrobe staple at the time! I ended up purchasing a thrifted LL Bean cardigan in this color online because I truly had missed wearing green!

What was the project that prompted me to purchase a green cardigan? Hal Jordan; The Green Lantern!

I was kind of nervous crocheting The Green Lantern because I wasn’t quite sure what to do, especially with the hair. But I always take a leap of faith, crocheting each stitch at a time and go with what my instincts tell me. It works every time!

💛 Renee