Quiet Spirit

It’s taken many years of walking and obeying the Lord, yoga, meditation, prayer, and simplifying every aspect of my life to truly embrace my inner self and achieving a quiet spirit. In fact, I still am a work in progress, but I have come a long way!

While this does please God, I believe that He wants us to achieve this for ourselves and for those around us.

Why hold onto anger, anxiety, stress, and worry when we can achieve peace of mind and help those around us?

Even in the tangible sense, why hold onto clutter when we can live in peace and simplicity and free ourselves from maintaining and drowning in stuff?!

Make an effort to simplify every aspect of your life. You can start small with cleaning out that junk drawer and eliminating social media at night. Every small effort will make a difference in your overall health so that you can be your best and help others!

💛 Renee

Be A Blessing

“If I knew how to crochet, I would make myself….”

This is what I constantly hear when people learn that I know how to crochet. This is followed by a list of accessories that they would hypothetically make for themselves.

I do have many aspirations of what I would like to make myself. But the joy of being able to crochet is that I can bless others with thoughtful gifts!

Before I learned how to crochet, I prayed to The Lord and asked him to help me to learn so that I can bless others. Sure enough, He helped me to quickly learn this craft by myself with YouTube videos!

Now that I make gifts for others, I truly have grasped Genesis 12:2. He has blessed me with this wonderful gift and now I use it to bless others. We are blessed to be a blessing!!!


Lies of Satan

To be very honest, I spent most of my life in insecurity. I had poor self image and hardly believed in myself.

The past couple of years, the Lord opened my eyes and I learned that all of those negative thoughts that I had about myself were lies. Lies of the enemy. Lies of Satan.

Satan’s easiest way to deceive us is to put those bad thoughts in our mind. He reminds us of these lies over and over again, which causes us to meditate and eventually believe these lies.

But we can defeat Satan by reminding him of God’s truths. When we feel like we are not pretty enough, we remind him that we are beautifully and wonderfully made. When we don’t feel smart enough, we remind him that we can do all things through Christ. The more we saturate the Word, the more we can defeat Satan and his pathetic lies!

So remember, you are amazing because you are a child of the most high!


Trust in the Lord

Proverbs 3:5-6 has always stuck out to me growing up. I believe this is because I used to always worry about almost everything and often experienced anxiety and this is a way the Lord got my attention.

Today, I always meditate on this scripture when I’m faced with something that seems impossible such as having to meet a certain quota at work. It stops anxiety dead in its tracks!

Recently the Holy Spirit has been prompting me to start a gratitude journal for every time life becomes overwhelming. Then I can look back at how the Lord has blessed and taken care of me. Shortly after this prompting, I received this notebook at work from my Secret Santa!! When the Lord wants you to do something, he will provide the tools necessary to do them!

Same for when we worry about a situation. He will always take care of you! When you place your trust in Him, you’ll look back at how the Lord has made the crooked path straight!!


Heart of Gratitude

I’ll be honest, I’m prone to complaining. This is probably due to growing up with anxiety.

So several years ago I decided to start my day thanking The Lord for waking up, for being healthy, for waking up in a beautiful home, etc., while I was lying in bed.

Soon enough, I realized that I didn’t wake up dreading the day ahead of me. I stopped letting out a heavy sigh and groaning “I don’t want to get up” or “Why do I have to go in?”.

It was obvious because I had focused on the positive aspects of my life and God’s blessings that I no longer had room for complaining. It chased Satan’s voice away!!

I encourage you to spend some time expressing gratitude and thank God every morning, especially before reaching for your phone to scroll through your social media. It will make an amazing change in your life! This won’t be an instant change, but the more you make an effort of it, God will meet you halfway and bless you tremendously!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!