Lies of Satan

To be very honest, I spent most of my life in insecurity. I had poor self image and hardly believed in myself.

The past couple of years, the Lord opened my eyes and I learned that all of those negative thoughts that I had about myself were lies. Lies of the enemy. Lies of Satan.

Satan’s easiest way to deceive us is to put those bad thoughts in our mind. He reminds us of these lies over and over again, which causes us to meditate and eventually believe these lies.

But we can defeat Satan by reminding him of God’s truths. When we feel like we are not pretty enough, we remind him that we are beautifully and wonderfully made. When we don’t feel smart enough, we remind him that we can do all things through Christ. The more we saturate the Word, the more we can defeat Satan and his pathetic lies!

So remember, you are amazing because you are a child of the most high!


Sunday Scripture

Numbers 6 24

This scripture is one of the most simple yet heartfelt prayers that we can offer others.  We often hear others say that they “found God” or they “lost God” but in reality, God has always had us and kept us.  No matter what happens to us in life, no matter how much we resist the Lord, he will never let us go.

So to all upon this beautiful earth, May the Lord bless you and keep you.  Let’s make 2018 a beautiful year!

♥ Renée