Wilbur the Wildcat

My most recent orders was incredibly unique and was exciting to make!

It was replica of The University of Arizona’s mascot; Wilbur the Wildcat!

This challenge stayed close to my heart because I had attended UA online briefly for my Graduate studies. I really love this University and have learned so much during my time there! This little Wilbur is headed to Tucson, to my coworker’s daughter who is currently a freshman at UA. Bittersweet to see him go!



When we have our plans set out, The Lord usually will show us a new (and approved) thing that changes everything.

Kind of like this blog and my social media. I had started these with the intention to talk about the online crochet shop that I was going to open. However, I suddenly became so booked with special orders! I always put my customers first and make sure that their orders have my full attention. This tossed my shop’s designs to the side.

Unfortunately, I did feel lost and all over the place with my social media. This has caused me to really think about the direction I intend to go in now since I’m still booked with my special orders. And that direction is Simplicity.

Simplifying my life has changed me in so many ways. My simple life still includes my crochet and herbalism! I intend to share so much about the various ways to enjoy a simple life. I pray that you will be inspired!

Oh yeah, the online shop will open this year. The designs will be different from what I had planned. But they will be perfect for The Desert Sparrow! My website and social media will go through some changes. Expect more simplicity, turquoise, and mustard yellow!


I Love You A Latte

There was another impromptu gift that I needed to whip up. After trying to find out what this individual liked and didn’t like, I discovered that she liked coffee.  

So many ideas entered my mind palace! But then I thought about how can coffee look cute and remembered lattes and the amazing latte art that exists today.

So why couldn’t I do my own latte art???

Well, I did!

And this little cup was a hit!

People have already been placing orders for these cuties and have been customized them for their liking. 

So this gave me an idea. Why not make this a staple in The Desert Sparrow Shop?

You will be able to customize this by the color of cup and type of drink; latte, tea, chai, hot chocolate, or even golden milk!

Funny how the simplest things or ideas turn out to be sensational. 😉

Mexican Piggy Bank

Mexican Piggy Banks are nostalgic to me. I have alway been fascinated with the fact that each one is very unique. One can be simple with one flower and another can be colorful with a variety of flowers. 

So these little piggies have inspired me to create an amigurumi version of one.  So… Introducing Chicharron!

Little Chicharron will be available to purchase later this year when I open my online shop! There will be an assortment of flower colors to choose from. 

I hope this little piggy will find a home with you! What colors might you be interested in?