Each and every one of us are given seeds by God.  These seeds represent gifts, talent, and uniqueness of oneself.  It’s our job to nurture them and do what we can to help them flourish.


But often, we look at others and become threatened.  We become jealous of their successes, talents, education, looks, and possessions.  Then we begin to compare and compete with them.

This is when we begin to wither and die inside. We take our eyes off of our blessings and growing our gifts and talents as we chase those of others.  A high probability is that we fail to achieve the same results.  This is because they nurtured their seeds and embraced who they are and their gifts.  What they have is usually not meant for us because God has created us to be unique to fulfill his purpose!!


If you had spent so much time chasing the blessings of others instead of yours, it’s never to late to plant and grow those seeds!  Do so with gratitude and faith.  Place your trust in the Lord and enjoy this beautiful journey that you are on!


PNW Adventures 

I have been silent recently because I was blessed to go on an Alaskan Cruise a couple of weeks ago! 

This definitely was a trip of a lifetime because Josh and I are so used to our brown desert and for the first time we explored the beautiful rain forest and glaciers!

Glacier Bay National Park was breathtaking! I also learn that people who suffer from respiratory problems do not need their inhalers while they are here because the air is so pure. I made sure to take some deep breaths and savor each one. It was very meditative!

There were moments at sea where I felt God speaking to me. For one, he woke me up in the middle of the night to look outside. To my amazement, it was the full moon in clear view! This was so rare because the skies were overcast for nearly the whole trip! This was such a magical moment for me. I could not stop thanking the Lord for such an opportunity to explore his beautiful earth.


Happy Easter!

It seems like there has been an emphasis on gods and goddesses recently. The variety in deity have been becoming trendy! But despite all of this, I still only (and always will) choose Jesus Christ.

Why? Because he is the only one that loved us so much that he was willing to die a brutal death. To top this off, he didn’t just die a martyr’s death. He was resurrected! Whom can compare to this?

Recently I have been pretty busy and I didn’t get the chance to make any Easter decorations for myself. So I came up with a simple and quick craft that anyone can do. It’s a cross made out of twigs!

You literally can get the necessary items outside your home. I hot-glued the sticks together. I also had some leather cord laying around, so I used that to bind the sticks together more securely. You can use whatever else you may already have, such as yarn!

There’s a beautiful fern that’s growing in my restroom. I took a bit of a branch to give the cross a simple embellishment. What would you do to add your own touch to it?

This quick DIY has a profound statement! One of the things that I love about it is that this can be displayed year-round. What Jesus did for us is very significant to our everyday lives!

Have a blessed day!


Magical Mint

Mint (Mentha) is such a wonderful plant. The fragrance alone is sensational! It’s also pretty incredible that there are about 18 different species.

My mother had taught me that mint (or in Spanish, Menta) was used as an old Mexican remedy for upset stomach. She has alway maintained a mint plant for this very reason. She simply uses the leaves for an herbal tea.

Today, I personally use mint for the same reason as well. I also specifically use peppermint (Mentha Piperita) essential oil for mental alertness. I keep the bottle in my shower and inhale the scent to rid me of that early morning grogginess. In addition, I notice that the minty fragrance induces an optimistic attitude. This has inspired me to sprinkle the leaves that I prune from my plant onto my alter. This is to help promote positivity and those wilted leaves retain their minty scent!

There are many other uses for Mint. It is known to aid asthma, congestion, aches, pains, inflammation, bug bites, and to induce sweating in fever. Apparently, Mint has also been known to prevent colon, skin, and lung cancer.

Maybe you are not into gardening, but try experimenting with Mint teas or essential oils to see how it benefits you!


I Love You A Latte

There was another impromptu gift that I needed to whip up. After trying to find out what this individual liked and didn’t like, I discovered that she liked coffee.  

So many ideas entered my mind palace! But then I thought about how can coffee look cute and remembered lattes and the amazing latte art that exists today.

So why couldn’t I do my own latte art???

Well, I did!

And this little cup was a hit!

People have already been placing orders for these cuties and have been customized them for their liking. 

So this gave me an idea. Why not make this a staple in The Desert Sparrow Shop?

You will be able to customize this by the color of cup and type of drink; latte, tea, chai, hot chocolate, or even golden milk!

Funny how the simplest things or ideas turn out to be sensational. 😉