I crochet a lot and have only shared my products on this blog. But crochet is more than just a hobby/side business. It is a part of my slow and simple living lifestyle. I have always been anxious since I was a young child. Crocheting has helped me to overcome this! Within the past few years, adopting the simple lifestyle has helped me tremendously because I focus on intentional activities such as yoga, meditation, reading, and herbalism.

I’m so amazed to read this scripture in Thessalonians because it shows me that The Lord wants us to adopt this lifestyle as well. The alternative: excess social media/internet/TV time, too many obligations, being involved in drama, and excess consumerism to keep up with everyone else can lead to a life of stress, anxiety, and depression.

I had already been talking about my simple lifestyle on Instagram for some time and I feel the calling to share more about this in this blog in addition to my crochet products. My topics may seem so random and all-over-the-place, but I will share how everything ties in together!

I challenge you to see what changes that you can make to “quiet” you life and mind. Maybe start with not allowing yourself to check social media an hour before bed. Any small change can have positive effects!



I had received a special order to crochet a plush doll of Spanish Musician Enrique Bunbury. I was so nervous yet excited about this because, per my online research, no one had done this before. I had no idea what to expect and wondered how I can get a crochet doll to look like a particular human being!

But I took a step of faith and just began!

After taking it one step at a time, I was amazed that little by little, it really began to look like Enrique! I’m so happy with the end result.

I also really enjoy his music myself. I’m actually considering building an inventory of this doll to add to my future online shop!


Be Magical

I was so thrilled when I received a special order for a unicorn with a flower crown. This was such a fun challenge, especially when I was determined to design a unicorn that was different from the round/floppy unicorns that I commonly saw online. I wanted mine to look like a figurine, kind of like a My Little Pony!

I took her to work everyday so that I can work on her during my breaks. I carried her around in a basket so that she wouldn’t be squished in a bag or get snagged on anything else. I must have looked very silly! But the end result made it all worth it:

This little unicorn resemble individuality; why conform when you can be a unicorn? 

Be magical!!

Crochet Projects

I hope to find all of you well on this beautiful, beginning of Autumn day! Here in Southern New Mexico, we are still experiencing 90 degree temperatures and green chile season is in full session. It’s the beginning of a beautiful fall season!

I had intended to open my online shop about now, but there’s a delay in this plan.

I have been blessed by suddenly receiving numerous crochet orders locally. In fact, I’m well booked until February! Here are some of the orders that I have already completed:

Top: Rustic Baby Girl Collection (gifts), Above: Rustic Baby Boy Boots

Baby Groot


Yoda Hat & Darth Vader

Jack Skellington & Zero


We always have our plans but the Good Lord always has a better plan. The Desert Sparrow online shop has been postponed so that I can be a service to those around me. During this time, I have increased my skills. Therefore I will improve the products I currently have designed and have been planning other future collections. I will definitely share my progress!

Be blessed, my friends!

Flowers Are Not A Waste

Not too long ago, my wonderful husband surprised me with this large bouquet of flowers for my birthday:

Often I hear people say “I don’t like to get flowers because they die so quickly and are a waste of money”. 

Well, I would have to boldly disagree! I had made it a point to prove this mindset wrong. I started by dying out some of the flowers:

I made some decor such as a small mobile, a wreath, and a dried floral setting. I even separated some of the flowers so that I can have smaller floral arrangements throughout my home. The fragrance was incredible!

Flowers are never a worthless! They are calming to the soul and keep giving. There are so many other items that you can create with flowers! I’d much rather have dried flowers as my choice of decor over purchasing faux flowers. There’s always a story behind each dried flower, such as a first date, an anniversary, a birthday, or even an “I’m sorry”.  This makes the floral decor have much more meaning! Think about this the next time you receive them.