Greetings from Southern New Mexico!

My name is Renée and I’m truly passionate about God, nature, creativity, simplicity, and life.  

I am a self-taught crochet artist and have been practicing crochet since 2011.  Being able to bless my friends and family with my thoughtful and heartfelt projects have brought me joy. I intend to open my online crochet shop eventually on this website. Crochet is what I consider to be one of my “slow activities” and keeps me away from mindless social media scrolling and online shopping.

Low waste living has also sparked my interest and passion. While I saw whales, seals, dolphins, and other sea life playing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, green and low waste living suddenly made sense. How can we destroy their home with our carelessness? Same when I see the adorable cotton-tail rabbits and quail family here in my home in New Mexico. I want to do my part and transition into a zero waste lifestyle. I won’t ever be completely zero waste, but every bit counts! And, I want to challenge myself with crocheting low waste products instead of purchasing them!

I’m a devout follower of Jesus Christ and have no shame sharing how he has influenced my simple living. He has created this beautiful Earth and so I find many ways to connect with nature such as through herbalism and travel. When I connect with nature, I know that I also connect with Him!


May my insight of life inspire you and expand your perspective. Life is too beautiful to be caught in mundane busyness. Slow down, be present, and live!


Disclaimer: I am not a therapist, medical professional, or wellness expert of any kind. Everything shared is simply what works for me. You are free to try anything I share but I do not claim liability should you not achieve the same results.

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