Greetings from Southern New Mexico!

My name is Renée and I’m truly passionate about God, nature, creativity, simplicity, and life.  Oh yeah, I love to crochet as well! 😉  This website has initially started as a blog, where I rambled about crochet, minimalism, yoga, meditation, and other random topics.

But then, I have decided to shift my focus on one of my (many) dreams and open my online shop.  I am a self-taught crochet artist and have been practicing crochet since 2011.  Being able to bless my friends and family with my thoughtful and heartfelt projects have brought me joy.  This prompted me the encouragement to pursue my own small-business, which is soon to come in late 2018.  The Desert Sparrow shop will contain products that are inspired by my Hispanic background.


Writing continues to be a passion of mine, so I intend to proceed with my blog as it is a creative outlet for me to express my thoughts, dreams, travels, natural remedies that I use, and spiritual encouragement to others.

So who am I?

I am quiet yet an eccentric free-spirit.  I am a Christ-follower but not a fan of religion. I’m an awkward introvert, INTJ in fact. The INTJ me often contradicts my Cancer (zodiac) traits. People may say that I’m obsessed with yoga since I practice it twice a day, everyday. I also meditate on a daily basis. Nature is everything to me, from medicine to a place of refuge.  I have always considered the Moon to be a friend of mine and I love to bathe in her moonlight. I’m a bit of a nerd and have always been fascinated with technology (which is why I earned a Bachelors in Applied Arts & Sciences in Information Systems from Eastern New Mexico University). I particularly love coding, web design, and web development.

As you can see, I am not your typical girl, but I embrace being different.  I am an advocate for being me and refuse to follow all the traits that come with a label. Let’s be real here, normal is BORING!

Anyways, welcome to my site!



Disclaimer: I am not a therapist, medical professional, or wellness expert of any kind. Everything shared is simply what works for me. You are free to try anything I share but I do not claim liability should you not achieve the same results.

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