Trust in the Lord

Proverbs 3:5-6 has always stuck out to me growing up. I believe this is because I used to always worry about almost everything and often experienced anxiety and this is a way the Lord got my attention.

Today, I always meditate on this scripture when I’m faced with something that seems impossible such as having to meet a certain quota at work. It stops anxiety dead in its tracks!

Recently the Holy Spirit has been prompting me to start a gratitude journal for every time life becomes overwhelming. Then I can look back at how the Lord has blessed and taken care of me. Shortly after this prompting, I received this notebook at work from my Secret Santa!! When the Lord wants you to do something, he will provide the tools necessary to do them!

Same for when we worry about a situation. He will always take care of you! When you place your trust in Him, you’ll look back at how the Lord has made the crooked path straight!!


One thought on “Trust in the Lord

  1. Trey Persons says:

    I have a journal that I write to God in. My grandfather had ask me to become closer with God before he passed 3 years ago and I choose to use the passion God blessed me with to speak with Him directly. I love it!

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