Sally Skellington

Crocheting Sally was quite the challenge! I had to determine what to add and leave out so that she wouldn’t look too overwhelming!

Nevertheless, the journey was so much fun! If anything, I was horrified about how I was going to make her dress because if I patched up all the pieces manually, it would have been overwhelming and not sure if I’d do a decent job. Instead I sewed her dress with felt and drew everything else with a Sharpie and some highlighters!!!

I’m so happy with the results! Today she goes to her new home with Jack Skellington!


2 thoughts on “Sally Skellington

  1. Alphe says:

    😮 That’s so cute! I love crafting but I’ve never really dabbled in crocheting… It seems insanely time consuming and in the end there’s a chance you’ll end up with a shapeless crocheted sock.
    Great job on her! I love the style in which the movie was made, I have a feeling that the same film made with crocheted puppets would turn out great too 😉

    • Renee says:

      Thank you so much!!! 💛💛💛☺️ Crocheting can be time consuming, especially when you are new at it. But it is also a lifesaver for the impromptu need for gifts!

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