Heart of Gratitude

I’ll be honest, I’m prone to complaining. This is probably due to growing up with anxiety.

So several years ago I decided to start my day thanking The Lord for waking up, for being healthy, for waking up in a beautiful home, etc., while I was lying in bed.

Soon enough, I realized that I didn’t wake up dreading the day ahead of me. I stopped letting out a heavy sigh and groaning “I don’t want to get up” or “Why do I have to go in?”.

It was obvious because I had focused on the positive aspects of my life and God’s blessings that I no longer had room for complaining. It chased Satan’s voice away!!

I encourage you to spend some time expressing gratitude and thank God every morning, especially before reaching for your phone to scroll through your social media. It will make an amazing change in your life! This won’t be an instant change, but the more you make an effort of it, God will meet you halfway and bless you tremendously!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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