I crochet a lot and have only shared my products on this blog. But crochet is more than just a hobby/side business. It is a part of my slow and simple living lifestyle. I have always been anxious since I was a young child. Crocheting has helped me to overcome this! Within the past few years, adopting the simple lifestyle has helped me tremendously because I focus on intentional activities such as yoga, meditation, reading, and herbalism.

I’m so amazed to read this scripture in Thessalonians because it shows me that The Lord wants us to adopt this lifestyle as well. The alternative: excess social media/internet/TV time, too many obligations, being involved in drama, and excess consumerism to keep up with everyone else can lead to a life of stress, anxiety, and depression.

I had already been talking about my simple lifestyle on Instagram for some time and I feel the calling to share more about this in this blog in addition to my crochet products. My topics may seem so random and all-over-the-place, but I will share how everything ties in together!

I challenge you to see what changes that you can make to “quiet” you life and mind. Maybe start with not allowing yourself to check social media an hour before bed. Any small change can have positive effects!


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