Crochet Projects

I hope to find all of you well on this beautiful, beginning of Autumn day! Here in Southern New Mexico, we are still experiencing 90 degree temperatures and green chile season is in full session. It’s the beginning of a beautiful fall season!

I had intended to open my online shop about now, but there’s a delay in this plan.

I have been blessed by suddenly receiving numerous crochet orders locally. In fact, I’m well booked until February! Here are some of the orders that I have already completed:

Top: Rustic Baby Girl Collection (gifts), Above: Rustic Baby Boy Boots

Baby Groot


Yoda Hat & Darth Vader

Jack Skellington & Zero


We always have our plans but the Good Lord always has a better plan. The Desert Sparrow online shop has been postponed so that I can be a service to those around me. During this time, I have increased my skills. Therefore I will improve the products I currently have designed and have been planning other future collections. I will definitely share my progress!

Be blessed, my friends!

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