Flowers Are Not A Waste

Not too long ago, my wonderful husband surprised me with this large bouquet of flowers for my birthday:

Often I hear people say “I don’t like to get flowers because they die so quickly and are a waste of money”. 

Well, I would have to boldly disagree! I had made it a point to prove this mindset wrong. I started by dying out some of the flowers:

I made some decor such as a small mobile, a wreath, and a dried floral setting. I even separated some of the flowers so that I can have smaller floral arrangements throughout my home. The fragrance was incredible!

Flowers are never a worthless! They are calming to the soul and keep giving. There are so many other items that you can create with flowers! I’d much rather have dried flowers as my choice of decor over purchasing faux flowers. There’s always a story behind each dried flower, such as a first date, an anniversary, a birthday, or even an “I’m sorry”.  This makes the floral decor have much more meaning! Think about this the next time you receive them.


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