Each and every one of us are given seeds by God.  These seeds represent gifts, talent, and uniqueness of oneself.  It’s our job to nurture them and do what we can to help them flourish.


But often, we look at others and become threatened.  We become jealous of their successes, talents, education, looks, and possessions.  Then we begin to compare and compete with them.

This is when we begin to wither and die inside. We take our eyes off of our blessings and growing our gifts and talents as we chase those of others.  A high probability is that we fail to achieve the same results.  This is because they nurtured their seeds and embraced who they are and their gifts.  What they have is usually not meant for us because God has created us to be unique to fulfill his purpose!!


If you had spent so much time chasing the blessings of others instead of yours, it’s never to late to plant and grow those seeds!  Do so with gratitude and faith.  Place your trust in the Lord and enjoy this beautiful journey that you are on!


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