Happy Easter!

It seems like there has been an emphasis on gods and goddesses recently. The variety in deity have been becoming trendy! But despite all of this, I still only (and always will) choose Jesus Christ.

Why? Because he is the only one that loved us so much that he was willing to die a brutal death. To top this off, he didn’t just die a martyr’s death. He was resurrected! Whom can compare to this?

Recently I have been pretty busy and I didn’t get the chance to make any Easter decorations for myself. So I came up with a simple and quick craft that anyone can do. It’s a cross made out of twigs!

You literally can get the necessary items outside your home. I hot-glued the sticks together. I also had some leather cord laying around, so I used that to bind the sticks together more securely. You can use whatever else you may already have, such as yarn!

There’s a beautiful fern that’s growing in my restroom. I took a bit of a branch to give the cross a simple embellishment. What would you do to add your own touch to it?

This quick DIY has a profound statement! One of the things that I love about it is that this can be displayed year-round. What Jesus did for us is very significant to our everyday lives!

Have a blessed day!


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