I Love You A Latte

There was another impromptu gift that I needed to whip up. After trying to find out what this individual liked and didn’t like, I discovered that she liked coffee.  

So many ideas entered my mind palace! But then I thought about how can coffee look cute and remembered lattes and the amazing latte art that exists today.

So why couldn’t I do my own latte art???

Well, I did!

And this little cup was a hit!

People have already been placing orders for these cuties and have been customized them for their liking. 

So this gave me an idea. Why not make this a staple in The Desert Sparrow Shop?

You will be able to customize this by the color of cup and type of drink; latte, tea, chai, hot chocolate, or even golden milk!

Funny how the simplest things or ideas turn out to be sensational. 😉

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