Crystals are a Girl’s Best Friend


While I was growing up, I was taught that crystals were “demonic” or “satanic” because people who had them were worshiping them (and Satan).  While there truly are people out there who really do those things, this belief is simply an ignorant assumption.

As someone who is mesmerized by science and nature, I have a special place in my heart for crystals and geodes.  In fact, despite my simplified (and somewhat minimalist) lifestyle, I do not feel like I can ever have too many of them!  At first, I could not help but wonder if my crystal collection and my love for Christ would be a controversy, but now I really don’t care.

I do not worship my crystals.  Do I believe that they can heal?  Yes, I believe they do to an extent.  I cannot deny the sudden burst of bliss I feel when I hold an ocean jasper or how calm I feel with an amethyst cluster present.  But I believe that their healing properties are equivalent to the calmness you experience when smelling a flower or are in a candlelit room. Meaning, I don’t believe that they can heal someone from cancer or other diseases!

All of my crystals are very special to me and have their unique use.  I always keep an amethyst cluster and black tourmaline on my nightstand.  Their presence is very calming, soothing, and reminds me to release all negativity before I go to sleep.  While attending college, I kept a sodalite and clear quartz near me to help me focus and comprehend each lesson.  These precious gems have been a source of comfort for me in various ways.  And let’s be real here, they are absolutely beautiful to look at!!

Crystals and geodes are a part of God’s beautiful creation.  These are special gems for us to enjoy!  This is why I have no shame to say that I am a Christ-follower and I collect (and hoard) crystals.


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