Frankincense (Olibanum)

As a Christ-follower, I immediately think of the story of baby Jesus and how one of the three wise men brought Frankincense to him as a gift.  However, the Bible makes several references to Frankincense in both the Old and New Testament such as:

Exodus 30:34-38

Leviticus 24:7

Song of Solomon 4:14

Numbers 5:15

Revelation 18:11-13

Frankincense was a major component in sacred rituals and medicine. It was also used as a spice and perfume. 

This ancient ingredient does not have to remain in the past. Frankincense is still a part of holistic medicine today!

It can improve skin conditions such as acne and dark spots.

Dabbing some of the essential oil on your wrist can improve your mood and focus. Do this before your quiet time with God!

It can help with minor wounds.

Add a couple drops of it to your tea to improve respiratory and digestive health.

Consider adding some of the resins to your sacred space to help balance your mood and keep you grounded.

Working with Frankincense myself has been an enlightening experience. There’s something about connecting with the past, especially in a spiritual sense, that enriches the present!

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